Our factories and warehouses are strategically located beside both major ports in Jamaica and with the help from key shipping partners, Sea Freight, Seaboard and CGM,we are able to move product anywhere in the world, quickly and with competitive volume rates. Shipments throughout the Caribbean and United States take an average of 3 to 5 days from the date of sailing. With approved customs bonded facilities in both our Kingston and Montego Bay warehouses we are able to consolidate goods and re-export to fulfil all your seafood needs.


We deliver within 24 hrs! Our two state-of-the-art cold storage facilities in Jamaica combined has a capacity to carry 10 million pounds of frozen product at any time. Using our very own fleet of 35 refrigerated vehicles, we ensure on-time and efficient delivery to customers island-wide. Our HACCP approved facility is monitored by local regulatory bodies and maintained to international health and safety standards.


We have HACCP and EU approved, multi-protein, state-of-the-art processing facilities in both Kingston and Montego Bay. The newer and larger of the two facilities, in Kingston, is a climate-controlled 40,000 square foot facility in which the stability of our products is expertly maintained. With our flexible processing abilities we offer an entire range of value added protein products for sale as steaks, fillets, head-less, portioned, pre-seasoned, smoked, formed or breaded and battered. We provide our customers with any size and specification they desire. Our fantastic processing team of 175 persons work around the clock to provide these products at the highest quality. Tell us what you want, and how you want it, today!


We specialize in a variety of packaging techniques to freeze and capture as much freshness in our products as possible. We own a range of thermoforming, shrink-wrapping, bagging, blister and vacuum packing machines to achieve this. We offer consumer packaging for retail sale, private-label and custom branded products for select customers, individually portioned packaging upon request and a variety of bulk packaging formats for customers in search of higher quantities. Packaging is of the highest priority for us, and we constantly re-invest in this area of our business.