Brian Jardim

Chief Executive Officer

Jerome Miles

General Manager

Christopher Dickenson

Director of Operations

Roger Lyn

Director of Marketing and Corporate Affairs

Everod Wilson

Director of Sales

Karlene Sutherland

Human Resources Manager

Maxwell Jardim

Business Development Manager

Benjamin Jardim

Business Development Manager

Joseph Cooper

Purchasing Manager

Ian Duncan

Export Manager

Clive Harris

Technical Manager

Donna Baychue

National Retail Manager

Bethany Young

Marketing and Communications Manager

Rohan Dixon

Information Technology Manager

Alison Sutherland

Special Projects Manager

Christopher Roxburgh

Safety & Security Manager

Garth Callam

Processing Manager, Slipe Rd

Bernard Lee Yong

Plant Manager, Freeport

Andrew Greaves

Warehouse and Distribution Manager, Freeport

Zakary Jardim

Inventory and Logistics Manager

Andrew Lewis

Corporate Affairs Manager

Linval Francis

Warehouse and Distribution Manager, Slipe

Tony Soltau

Purchasing Consultant

Subrena Khama-Miller

Export and Food Service Development Manager

Rayan Reid

Inventory Manager

Stephen Seymour

Country Manager, St Vincent and the Grenadines

Leighton Cross

Country Manager, Barbados