Our Supply

Chain is Sustainable

We carry over 500 references of fish and shellfish sourced from recognized suppliers around the world who are committed to acquiring, harvesting and farming products through sustainable methods and only use environmentally sensitive approaches. Armed with a wealth of experience in the tourism industry, our CEO, Brian Jardim recognized that hotels in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean lacked a consistent, high quality supply of the healthiest protein available – seafood. So, in 1995, Brian decided to embark on his vision; he turned to brokering container loads of bulk packed seafood to distributors and resorts throughout the Eastern Caribbean Rainforest Seafood’s name comes from lush and healthy rainforests prevalent in the South American country of Guyana where Brian first started imported seafood from the edge of the rainforest. The name Rainforest Seafoods was an immediate and natural fit! Today, Rainforest Seafoods is the largest, most consistent supplier of high quality seafood throughout Jamaica and the wider Caribbean.

The Rainforest Team