3oz. Rainforest Seafoods Salmon fillet

1 tsp. honey

A pinch of salt and pepper

1 large tortilla wrap

1 ½ jerk mayonnaise

1 slice grilled pineapple cut into strips

2oz.  lettuce leaves

2oz. shredded cheddar cheese

2oz. roasted bell peppers

1oz. roasted red onions


Season the salmon with the salt and pepper then glaze with the honey.

Place it on a nonstick baking tray then into a pre-set  toaster oven at 375 degrees f.

Allow it to cook until it flakes easily with a fork.

Remove and allow to cool down

Lay wrap on a flat surface, and spread jerk mayonnaise evenly.

Place lettuce, salmon, cheese, peppers and onion and give it a firm roll

Use toothpicks to hold it together if needed. Cut in desired amount of pieces and serve.

Extra pepper jelly can be used for dipping.