10,000 meals for 10,000 families. Rainforest Seafoods, National Baking Company move to reduce hunger

Rainforest Seafoods and National Baking Company have combined to provide meals to 10,000 families islandwide in an initiative designed to reduce hunger in Jamaica which, both companies say, is likely to worsen due to the economic impact of COVID-19.

The initiative, launched last Friday at Rainforest’s corporate headquarters in Kingston, will see Food For the Poor (FFP) and Jamaica Red Cross distributing vouchers to needy families who will then exchange the vouchers for food packages at a Rainforest outlet in each parish.

“In the grand scheme of things, our donation is a drop in the bucket. However, we hope it is the start of a national effort to both raise awareness and much-needed funds to continue the distribution of food items to those most in need,” said Rainforest Seafoods director of corporate relations Roger Lyn.

“We’re proud to partner with Food For the Poor and Jamaica Red Cross, two outstanding charitable organisations, which will distribute the meals fairly and transparently to 10,000 families, ensuring those most vulnerable will benefit,” Lyn said.

Expressing gratitude for being a part of the initiative, FFP Director Kivette Silvera said, “Having seen the needs and the increased levels of desperation,we, on behalf of those we serve, wholeheartedly welcome this collaborative effort with our long-standing partners, Rainforest Seafoods and National Baking Company.

“While we do not have the official statistics on the number of persons that have been negatively impacted by the virus, what we do know is that before COVID-19 we were serving over 400,000 Jamaicans islandwide. Since the onset of the pandemic, this number has increased substantially, and so the need for donations has intensified based on the increased demand for assistance,” Silvera added.

Red Cross Jamaica Director General Yvonne Clarke also commented on the great effort being made to supply the families with food items.

Source: https://www.jamaicaobserver.com/news/10-000-meals-for-10-000-families-rainforest-seafoods-national-baking-company-move-to-reduce-hunger_198516?profile=1373